Rubbish Disposal 

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Heyfield Tip Times 

Only a 45 minutes round trip, and take your wallet.
Tuesday    11am to 5 pm
Thursday    1 pm to 5pm
Saturday    1pm to 5 pm
Sunday    11am to 5pm

Charges apply for everything except green waste - check with Wellington Shire
for special Chemical and hard waste collections which take place each year.

Rubbish Collection

Every Thursday for Rubbish (small bin)

Every second Thursday for Recycle Bin (yellow top)
Only paper, glass, tins, aluminium and those plastics which can be recycled should be rinsed
and put in your Recycle Bin.
Council Waste Collection Schedule
There is an annual hard waste collection in October. This becomes and exchange fest as goodies appear,
disappear, then re-appear as we await collection day!

Aluminium Can Recycling 

There is a Royal Flying Doctor Service fundraising Bin near the Shop and you are
encouraged to put All aluminium cans into this bin and help this important service.

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