Cowwarr Recreation Reserve

A crown land committee of management tries to look after the Recreation Reserve and provide for the various user bodies.
The committee meets about four times annually.
David Johnston has been the Secretary for ever. Phone 5148 9231

Organized cricket and tennis have largely evaporated, leaving only the Football and Netball Club as tenant.
Thats not quite true because the Toongabbie Junior Tennis Club uses the courts on Saturday mornings.
Weed control is a big issue around the tennis courts. Encroaching vegetation is doing a good job of inflitration.
We'll have to hit them again in the spring.
At our most recent working bee, the lower branches of the Eastern shelter belt were trimmed to allow a tractor  to slash or mow under the trees.
An additional area of the apron around the club-rooms has been concreted, as well as the path to the Netball Court.
And the drainage has been improved in that area.
Under new funding arrangements, the Wellington Shire is picking up some of the costs of rubbish removal and grounds mowing.
The footy club is well pleased after have funded these activities unassisted for a long time.
What else is happening? We charge our user clubs a rental for their use of the Reserve.
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