Our logo, the gippsland water dragon.
Taxonomic Name: Physignathus leseurii howitti. 


Our purpose is the re-establishment of near natural vegetation on the "thorpes and thwaites" of land available in our local area,
whether it be private or public land. We use volunteer labour to tackle erosion control, weed management and revegetation projects.

Swing Bridge Reserve 

The group has leased the section of riverbank flood-plain immediately above Cowwarr Weir, and given that the name is still on the map although the brige washed away in 1934, we've appropriated the name. The Thomson River disgorges and has dumped a massive silt-bed, but prone to inundation! We have a plan to develop a wetland and have negotiated lease of the land from Southern Rural Water.

National Tree Day 2012 at the Weir - Cowwarr Landcare by Megan Hughes

Cowwarr Tree Planting Day Success
National Tree Day/Planet ArkOn the banks on the Thomson River at Cowwarr Weir, over 30 volunteer, including 10 kids, turned up to plant indiginous species for National Tree Day 2012 on Sunday 29th July.
The Cowwarr Landcare Group did an excellent job of organising and promoting the day that included a well deserved lunch for volunteers. The mix of 1000 plants included 100 trees with the rest being shrubs that will provide valuable habitat for the resident small birds; King Parrots, Eastern Rosellas, possums and many othe fauna species that rely on indigenous plants for food and shelter.
The group hopes that, with time, the plantings will help suppress the weeds on their site, helping them to regenerate the area back to a healthy native plant community. Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help and make it a great morning!
Volunteers at work on the Planting dayYoungsters making light work of the silty soil

For more information contact Peter Smart on 51 489322.

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