The Cow Project

(We need some more pictures here!)

Kids on hall cow Somewhere between the Shop, the Fishing Club and the School Council, someone decided that the town
streetscape should be enlivened with some colourful cows.
Parts were scavenged: old bicycles lost their handle-bars, suitable springs were collected, 20 and 200 litre drums
rounded up and any spare tube steel was chopped into leg lengths.
A welding working-bee kicked off the production line for the first dozen cows in 2011. More have been manufactured since.
Then the painting workers produced their "designer cows" from "Blue Poles" at the Artspace to St Kilda, the footy club colours.
Then there is the saga of the pub calf. (Currently lost its head!)
And various attempts at cattle rustling. We are loathe to call in the police Stock Squad!
Some cows now wear concrete boots.

And the Hall cow boasts a Geo-Cache (if you feel up its primary orifice! No, now its gone).
Wellington Shire officers remain mystified by the outbreak.
Congratulations to the initiators and volunteers who made it all happen,
especially Sharon@Shop and Matt@Milking who has since moved to greener pastures.
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