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               Emergency; Dial 000
You'll be asked to nominate Fire, Ambulance or police, then...
When Vicfire at Ballarat receives your call, then select the closest Brigades and initiate a pager message.
About 15 members have a pager; hopefully a  few will be about to mount a response.
The Siren sounds for two minutes to attract members to respond. Any longer - be concerned!

Small fire: not a problem. Big fire: Heyfield group can muster eight tankers and more support can be drawn from neighbouring groups.
This takes time, and on a bad day, the CFA cannot be everywhere.

Volunteers are welcome and training is compulsory.
Upon completion, your uniform is issued and you're ready to ride.
Your availability and contribution may be vital.

There is monthly news on Brigade happenings published in the Chronicle.

The Tanker Routines roster (You really should have Adobe Acrobat reader )shows the schedule for the weekly routines - your chance to gain familiarity with the tanker.

If you don't fancy driving around in the big red truck, there are plenty of auxillary jobs to be done.

The siren is tested occasionally on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Contact Captain Andrew Iseppi on 5148 9339

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